GE Podcast Theater Presents Life After

Case Study

GE wanted to talk about their revolutionary Digital Twin technology, which creates a virtual clone of industrial machines in order to predict and prevent issues. Our challenge was to make this technology both relevant and compelling to the average person.
We decided to turn science into science fiction by creating a podcast called LifeAfter. The weekly 10-episode series explores the potential consequences of having so much of our lives online by imagining what could happen if it got into the wrong hands. And how GE Digital Twin technology could be used to protect humanity from a rogue computer program that learns how to reanimate the personalities of the deceased and communicate with their living loved ones.


Released as a teaser, “Message from Beyond” shows how one man’s digital life could be taken, edited and rebroadcast to deliver a singular and very haunting message – after he’s already died.


The deceased wife of the show’s main protagonist is brought back to life online and used to invite listeners to discover more about the show, drawing the listeners into the drama. We hear a single message cut together from different bits of her recorded life online.


To promote each week’s upcoming episode, we selected a quote from one of the show’s characters and spelled it out using different social media posts and continuing the theme of a program manipulating the digital space to reach beyond the computer.

Neil Interview

Astrophysicist and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts a discussion about the science behind the science-fiction in GE Podcast Theater’s LifeAfter.

Online and Digital Paper Trail

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For more avid listeners, we brought LifeAfter’s fictional social media site, VoiceTree, to life online. Using a hidden code in the show’s logo, digital-savvy fans could follow a trail to unlock additional content and hidden messages from the characters.

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"Captures Your Attention Entirely" - The Atlantic

"New and Intriguing" - Popular Science

"It's Hard Not To Be Intrigued And A Little Chilled" - The Huffington Post

"Fiction Podcasts Worth A Listen" - The New York Times


The show was the attention of Neil deGrasse Tyson and enough other sci-fi lovers that it got downloaded 1.6 million times, making it one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time.

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